Specialist independent valuations and opinions are critical in a range of contexts in the business life cycle. Getting them right takes specialist knowledge, skilled analysis and expert judgement.

Valuation is an art requiring professional judgment. Getting to the right valuation, both technically and commercially, will help you move forward with clarity and confidence.

You may be considering a deal, need to determine a value for financial reporting, tax or restructuring purposes, or simply wish to know where you stand before making a strategic decision.

Whatever your goals, we're here to help you tackle all your valuation issues, offering the right valuation advice at the right time.

  • Technical and commercial
  • Independent, collaborative mindset
  • Sector-specific knowledge
  • Technical and commercial
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    Applying technical expertise doesn’t come at the expense of a commercial mindset – our valuation is always fit for your purpose.
  • Independent, collaborative mindset
    Independent, collaborative mindset
    We work closely with you to understand the business or asset while also standing behind our independent opinions.
  • Sector-specific knowledge
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    Good valuations require specialist sector knowledge. We bring you our best people, tapping into our wider network if required.


Expert value determinations

Expert valuations that understand your objectives and stand up to scrutiny.

Financial reporting valuations

Bringing technical and commercial experience to valuations for financial reporting purposes under IFRS and UK GAAP.

Independent valuations for DB-pension scheme stakeholders

Our pensions valuations team offers innovation and robust solutions for complex valuation issues.

M&A valuations

Understanding the value of your business will help you make the right decisions

Portfolio valuations

Independent investment valuations to support conversations with stakeholders and auditors.

Tax valuations

Valuations service for all domestic taxes, and tax charges arising outside the UK.

Valuations for financial restructuring purposes

Independent valuations and fairness opinions for financial restructuring.

Tomas Freyman
Head of Valuations and Modelling
Tomas Freyman

Why Grant Thornton

As a combined valuations and financial modelling team, we can leverage technology and analytics more effectively to provide you with additional dynamic insights.

We cover all aspects of valuing companies, income-generating assets, listed and unlisted securities, derivatives, debt, asset-backed securities, intellectual property and intangible assets.

Through our global valuation practice, you’ll also have access to professionals across geographic markets and jurisdictions – should you need them.

Find further detail on a range of valuation issues:

Do you need to defend a valuation to tax authorities?

Find out more on about tax valuations, including

  • share valuations
  • management incentive plan valuations
  • valuations for capital gains
  • IFRS 2 valuations
  • IFRS 9 valuations.
Are you looking for an independent review of your portfolio investment fair values?

Find out more about portfolio valuations, including:

  • start-up or early-stage investments
  • infrastructure
  • debt
  • portfolio valuations for accounting and governance.
Do you need fair values for financial reporting purposes?

Find out more about financial reporting valuations, including:

  • purchase price allocations (PPA) and intangible valuations
  • impairment reviews
  • IFRS 16.
Are you a DB pension scheme stakeholder wanting to understand the value of a business or asset supporting the scheme?

Find out more about pension-stakeholder valuations, including:

  • valuations for covenant reviews
  • asset-backed funding solutions
  • employer restructuring
  • financial support directions.
Do you know where value breaks in a capital structure?

Find out more about restructuring-related valuations, including:

  • valuations under restructuring plans (Corporate insolvency and Governance Act 2020)
  • valuation of the ‘relevant alternatives’
  • valuations of assets in liquidation/insolvency.
Are you considering a transaction or key investment decision?

Find out more about M&A valuations, including:

  • investment appraisal
  • M&A valuation support.
Are you involved in a dispute or need an expert opinion?

Find out more about valuations in disputes and expert opinions, including:

  • section 593 opinions 
  • valuations under articles or shareholders’ agreements
  • legal disputes.

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