Your ESG agenda will now determine who will do business with you. How are you ensuring your organisation is future fit?

Changing regulations, new demands and increased accountability around impact may all seem like just more red tape. Everything from footwear to fuel is subject to the new and important ESG agenda. This isn’t a bad thing, there are inherent business benefits in mitigating risk, adopting best practice, and reducing waste. Many businesses are finding that placing ESG in a central role leads to unexpected innovation, talent retention, and improved bottom line.

  • Adding value
  • Embracing change
  • Optimised reporting
  • Adding value
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    Ensuring your organisation is compliant while maximising the potential benefits in your new and existing ESG policies.
  • Embracing change
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    We can support the organisational changes you need to ensure your ESG agenda is effective.
  • Optimised reporting
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    We can help you establish metrics that translate your ESG activities into quantified, shareable results that your stakeholders will understand.

Our ESG services

The ESG agenda

Shape your ESG agenda by identifying sustainable development priorities most relevant to your organisation, stakeholders and value creation.

ESG strategy, risk and opportunity identification

We can help you clearly define your ESG Strategy, with the risks and opportunities identified and managed.

ESG driven business transition

Whatever your ESG strategy, we can support your organisation as it evolves while maximising efficiency and profitability.

ESG metrics, targets and disclosures

The pressure to report your ESG progress is growing. Do your targets measure up?

ESG risk management

You must protect, comply, understand and influence to successfully manage the risk involved with ESG issues. We can help.

ESG governance, leadership and culture framework

Make the most of ESG opportunities by effectively embedding your strategy across your organisation.

ESG and non-financial assurance

Support your board to be confident in supplying robust information that withstands scrutiny.

ESG programme and change management

Do you have the right capabilities to drive the delivery of your ESG strategy to realise your targets?

Create value through effective ESG communication

Building trust and engagement with your stakeholders on your ESG strategy.

To help you navigate the breadth of the ESG agenda, we have developed a framework of services to help identify key areas and their associated strategies and benefits

Find out more about the framework

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A new era for the ESG agenda

Increasingly global issues are affecting businesses. The pandemic, climate change and social inequalities have put a spotlight on the way that major issues are interconnected. This shared awareness also highlights the responsibilities we have towards the environment and each other. Increasingly, we are looking to businesses for an authentic response, and tangible solutions.

In this new era of global business, staying relevant means establishing a robust ESG agenda. It means clear and transparent accountability. And it demands an authentic attempt to mitigate negative impacts of your business, while positioning you for success.

A tailored framework

In order to best support our clients, we have developed an ESG framework which shows the various areas that leadership may need to consider when addressing their material ESG topics. The framework covers establishing priorities, the transition to sustainability and communicating successes.

The International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) has indicated that the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) framework will be applied across the sustainability spectrum, so we have used this as a baseline in our framework from which to build.


Why Grant Thornton

Working across a diverse array of businesses means we are uniquely placed to understand how ESG priorities are interlinked, and where the benefits interconnect. Our ESG services are not just for our clients, we are adopting robust practices internally as well. Our work is an extension of us, so we are active and innovative when it comes to establishing and improving ESG. We are aligning with a positive global movement towards better, thoughtful, and inclusive practices.

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