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I am a member of our valuations team, specialising in infrastructure and renewable energy valuations. I primarily work with our large, listed and unlisted infrastructure fund clients invested in the sector globally. I am regularly consulted on renewable energy matters within the firm and have a deep understanding of the sector.

Having worked in the infrastructure industry in both advisory and valuations capacities since the inception of my career, in both Cape Town and London, I have had a multitude of projects cross my desk and have engaged with a wide range of stakeholders. I strive to work with our clients to keep at the forefront of transactions in the renewable energy sector and have a keen interest in the development of infrastructure projects across Africa. I enjoy watching the sector grow and look forward to seeing what’s next in store for us as we move towards Net Zero in the UK by 2050.

When I’m not talking about renewable energy, I’m planning the next holiday or dinner party.

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Jade Palmer
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Jade Palmer
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