Supporting all stakeholders in schemes of arrangement and debt-to-equity swaps with specialist valuation advice.

Fast-changing market conditions can impose challenging situations on companies. Restructuring is a stressful period that requires seamless coordination. Our advice enables our clients to discharge their duties, mitigate their risk, and independently assess the reasonableness of restructuring transactions, helping them to choose optimal solutions and maximise value from transaction outcomes. 

Valuations required to support restructuring situations – how can we help?

Valuation can be one of the major issues in a restructuring transaction and requires technical excellence backed up by experience.

Watch this video to find out what five key points we've learnt along the way, when providing valuation advice over the last decade on some of the most significant and complex restructuring transactions, and how this may benefit you.

Why Grant Thornton

You'll work with specialists who provide trusted advice to lenders, investors, and management teams to navigate critical and complex issues.

Joined up with our strong international network, we work closely with financial and legal advisors to deliver strategic solutions in the tight timescales of high-profile transactions.

Robust valuations and fairness opinions help businesses across different sectors address immediate liquidity concerns and negotiate with stakeholders to implement a successful restructuring plan.