The UK government has an ambitious target to increase total investment in research and development. R&D tax incentives have a key role in supporting this investment by supplementing the costs of innovation.

In this constantly evolving research and development environment, our team can help you streamline the R&D claim process and manage the risks and quality of your claim.

The government wants to make sure that approved incentives remain fit for purpose and that the UK remains a competitive location for cutting edge research. Our senior led, industry experienced team is aware of HMRC topical and evolving areas, and can help you develop and support an accurate, robust and efficient claim from start to finish.

Our experience and insight

In addition to our knowledge of what is required for supporting claim documentation, we leverage our significant experience to help optimise the claim across developing technology frontiers, transformation projects and cutting edge product design, production and deployment.

Deploying the latest technology

We can engage with your team virtually to complete the claim by using our R&D tax platform. Request a demo of our R&D claims platform to see firsthand how this can help you and your business.

Partner, Head of Corporate & Multinational Tax
Dominic Preston

Why Grant Thornton

We know what HMRC looks for in an R&D tax claim. We bring the latest topical insight from our HMRC R&D Consultative Committee membership and direct liaison with HM Treasury on policy matters. We'll embed ourselves in your organisation, getting to know your business and working with you in the way you want.

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R&D claims platform

Do you want to claim research and development tax relief? It’s simpler with our streamlined, automated data collection tool.

Guide to R&D reform as UK moves to a merged regime

Navigating the changes to the UK’s R&D regimes announced in the Autumn Statement 2023.

Our approach

We are agile and tailor our approach based on your requirements. We recommend a five-phase process:

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