Whether HMRC has launched a tax investigation, or you are trying to correct errors, you must deal with HMRC correctly. Mishandling can be costly and result in exposure to tax, interest and penalties.

Successive governments have invested heavily in HMRC. Now, with a public spending deficit to plug, the pressure is on HMRC to deliver a significant return on that investment.

Being under HMRC’s microscope can be a daunting prospect. We can help you understand your position and provide tax dispute advice. We will be open and honest with you about your potential exposure and exactly how we intend to ensure you do not pay more than is necessary, to resolve the tax investigation.

  • In your corner
  • By your side
  • In depth knowledge
  • In your corner
    We represent you robustly in all communications with HMRC and provide tax dispute help.
  • By your side
    We provide friendly, professional advice on the actions required to resolve your tax dispute effectively.
  • In depth knowledge
    We pride ourselves on providing expert guidance that delivers results.

For immediate tax investigation assistance: +44 (0)20 7184 4377

Tax dispute resolution

Entrenched tax disputes

Tax disputes with HMRC can be intimidating. Our experts will be by your side throughout the process.

HMRC enquiries

Help with those dreaded letters from the 'tax man'

HMRC’s Let Property Campaign

Pragmatic advice and technical guidance on disclosing undeclared rental profits through HMRC's Let Property Campaign.

Voluntary disclosure

Voluntary disclosure to HMRC can be a daunting prospect. Our experts can be by your side throughout the process.

Why Grant Thornton?

Our team of tax dispute resolution experts is comprised of highly qualified tax professionals and former HMRC senior investigators. We have decades of combined experience handling investigations and collectively have managed thousands of cases. Our team possesses close knowledge of how HMRC operates and we develop innovative, bespoke strategies to overcome contentious issues swiftly and cost-efficiently.