Grant Thornton Offshore is our one-stop global solution for insolvency, asset recovery and forensics services, across all major onshore and offshore jurisdictions, centrally coordinated from the UK.

Together, our experts have delivered complex, high profile international assignments, including Saad Investment Company Limited, Stanford International Bank, Madoff Securities International Limited, and the deceased estate of Boris Berezovsky.

Map highlighting our member firms in purple, of which Grant Thornton Offshore operates in the named countries

Our member firms are highlighted in purple, of which Grant Thornton Offshore operates in the named countries.

Grant Thornton Offshore boasts the world’s leading practitioners in award-winning teams across global insolvency, asset tracing/recovery and forensic services – drawing on decades of experience of joined-up appointments. Coordinated by UK Offshore Delivery Leader, Margot MacInnis, our clients are able to draw on our onshore resources and expertise no matter where in the world we are engaged.

Grant Thornton International has offices in 145+ countries, giving you the breadth and depth of reach required for multi-jurisdictional problems. From this, we've brought together our key onshore and offshore member firms, making strategic investments to ensure that they have the required cross-service line, and multi-jurisdictional expertise to solve the most complex of international recovery problems.

We have decades of experience in refining our cross-border offering to deliver seamless and agile international solutions. With regular global strategy meetings, one central leadership and regular sharing of people, we don’t just say we're connected – we live and breathe it every day through our strategic investment into our offshore firms. We know this allows the highest quality of delivery on global assignments.

Why we're different

Grant Thornton Offshore provides you with:

  • experts in all major onshore and offshore jurisdictions
  • one onshore-based delivery leader, driving collaboration and policing quality
  • a truly global team, with regular movement of people, from junior level to partner
  • immediate access to all onshore service line and industry experts
  • a pool of cross service-line global talent, ready to be deployed at a moments’ notice
  • innovative funding solutions, including our own litigation fund
  • a client-focused delivery
  • a vast network of trusted international lawyers, counsel and investigators.

We offer innovative funding solutions, including deployment of our own asset recovery fund for high value asset recovery and enforcement claims (£50 million and above) where we're the mandated recovery agent.

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