When buying or selling a business, raising new capital or finance, you need to know you’re getting the best advice and value. Our experienced deal advisers are there with you every step of the way.

Every transaction is different. Whether you’re buying or selling, refinancing or raising money through the capital markets, you want to make your next strategic move with confidence. That’s where our people come in – conducting thorough due diligence on the fine detail and providing value-focused and pragmatic advice throughout the transaction. 

We work alongside your team, offering the full range of due diligence and deal support services, to help you get the deal done and achieve your goals.

  • Experienced professional staff
    Experienced professional staff
    Our dedicated deal advisers assist you with your transactions every day, and are here to listen and support you.
  • Mid-market experts
    Mid-market experts
    As go-to leaders in the mid-market, we have a deep understanding of your needs for a more tailored approach.
  • Pragmatic and commercial
    Pragmatic and commercial
    We bring both challenge and realistic solutions to help you manage risk and achieve your commercial outcomes.

Transaction advisory services

Sale and Purchase Agreement advisory

Optimising value, mitigating risk, and resolving post-deal disputes for M&A transactions.

Mo Merali
Head of Transaction Services and Private Equity
Mo Merali
Learn more about Mo Merali
Mo Merali
Head of Transaction Services and Private Equity
Mo Merali

Why Grant Thornton

We put people first and bring our best to yours, valuing long-term relationships and listening closely to understand your goals. With our national team of nearly 200 advisers, we support you throughout a transaction, so you can be sure you have everything covered.

Our transaction advisory services includes buy-side/vendor due diligence, bid support, vendor assistance, commercial, tax and IT due diligence, sale and purchase agreement advice, reporting accountant services and tax structuring.

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