Asset based lending (ABL) provides a dynamic funding solution to boost liquidity when you need it. But its flexibility brings both choice and complexity.

Navigating the ABL landscape involves finding the right lender, deal structure and management support for your circumstances. 

A wide range of banks and specialist lenders offer ABL facilities, each with different lending criteria and risk appetites. There’s also a raft of products and funding options to choose from.

We work with you across the business life cycle to understand your challenges, ensure your deal is structured right and give you the answers you need to achieve your best outcome.

  • Deep sector experience
  • Lender knowledge
  • Practical solutions
  • Deep sector experience
    Deep sector experience
    Our sector knowledge, extensive experience of working with ABL facilities and managing stakeholders helps you to achieve great results.
  • Lender knowledge
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    Knowing the key decision makers in the UK ABL sector and understanding their requirements enables us to provide highly targeted advice.
  • Practical solutions
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    Our bespoke solutions are designed in collaboration with you in consideration of stakeholder needs.

Why Grant Thornton

We support lenders, their clients and other stakeholders across a range of sectors to achieve great outcomes.

We combine hands-on ABL experience with deep sector knowledge to provide you with a different viewpoint. You’ll also benefit from our global network with direct access to resources, networks and expertise in a range of jurisdictions.

We work collaboratively and sensitively to quickly understand the key issues and develop practical, workable solutions in agreement with other stakeholders.

Our range of services:

  • Debt advisory services – sourcing ABL funding for our clients
  • Pre lend services – focused review to assess the suitability of a funding proposal for both the lender and borrower
  • Financial appraisal – review of financial results, management information and forecasts to understand a funding requirement going forward
  • Working capital management – working with management teams to optimise working capital within a business and ensure best use of facilities
  • Exit planning – working with a range of stakeholders to manage an exit from incumbent lender to another that best meets the requirements of all parties