Applying a forensic mindset at every stage of the process

The volume of data coming into your organisation is immense, reaching into every aspect of your operations. This makes it increasingly difficult to commit fraud without leaving some form of electronic footprint.

Analysing and interpreting large and disparate datasets to identify the facts and insights that address your concerns is what we do. We can help you detect, investigate, and prevent misconduct, fraud and non-compliance.

  • Data science
  • Machine learning
  • Forensic mindset
  • Data science
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    We utilise data science both proactively and reactively, to prevent, detect, monitor or investigate misconduct, fraud and non-compliance
  • Machine learning
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    By training a model, we can uncover hidden patterns and anomalies that indicate fraudulent behaviour
  • Forensic mindset
    Forensic mindset
    Our deep forensic experience underlies and informs the decisions we make every step of the way
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Head of Forensic Data Analytics
Justin Cooper

Why Grant Thornton

We're forensic investigators first, combining our investigative skills with cutting-edge technology and techniques to provide unique solutions, tailored to your needs. We apply a forensic mindset at every stage of the data analytics process to help you make informed decisions. Once we're experts in your data, we can seamlessly integrate with the other elements of a forensic investigation.

Our global forensic data analytics network provides an international capability wherever you may need it.