Claiming the right levels of capital allowances can materially reduce the net cost of capital expenditure, ie, after tax.

But with numerous different rules and rates that may or may not apply to expenditure it's crucial to work with a specialist team that can cut through the constantly evolving legislation, case law, and guidance.

  • Streamlined processing support
    A streamlined capital allowances process that enables managing your risks and quality, and optimising the quantum of your claim.
  • Experience and technical expertise
    A team with backgrounds in accounting, tax, and surveying.
  • Deploying the latest technology
    Bespoke software can increase claim levels through accurate data interrogation: 'Jigsaw'.

No two capital allowances projects are the same, so you'll always get a tailored approach based on your specific requirements.

Services can include:


Detailed claim analyses of 'live' new build, fit-out or refurbishment projects on a project-by-project basis, or on portfolio basis, including maximising R&D Allowances, structures and buildings allowances, and the newly introduced super deductions/special-rate relief and mitigating the impact of contributions, grant agreements and long funding lease and long-life assets rules. 

Supporting in drafting appropriate contract clauses for suppliers and contractors to deliver required information.

Historic uplifts

Land remediation relief claims – for owner/ occupiers, investors, and developers that remediate contaminated or derelict sites.

Multi-site solutions

Preparation of guidance manuals, data collection templates or sampling agreements for large portfolios of repetitive work, such as retail fit outs, to efficiently capture relevant information on a real-time basis, including upfront agreement with HMRC.


Advising both buyers and sellers on mitigating risk and future tax liabilities through appropriate elections, preparing integral features uplifts and advice on contract clauses to allow for future uplifts of the existing capital allowances position, including vendor and buyer due diligence support.

Financial modelling support

Analysis for planned construction projects, particularly large-scale public sector and infrastructure assets, such as renewable energy assets.

Jeremy Chapman
Director, Head of Capital Allowances
Jeremy Chapman
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Jeremy Chapman
Director, Head of Capital Allowances
Jeremy Chapman

Why Grant Thornton     

You'll get a team based entirely in the UK, enabling us to work closely with you, your finance and property personnel, and other stakeholders, either as the project progresses or as a retrospective review. 

The team are experienced in all sectors and asset types, leveraging our collective experience and skills to ensure that we achieve the best results for you, while reducing your time commitment.

The complimentary assets of Jigsaw, our bespoke capital allowance tool, and our in-depth knowledge identifies the opportunity to uplift historic claims to deliver additional tax savings often overlooked by others.

Your claims are more likely to be accepted as submitted because the large number of claims we prepare annually means that HMRC is familiar with our claim methodology and the format of our reports.