A well designed and built model, creates a picture of the future in a credible and transparent way. Allowing you to make business-critical decisions with confidence.

Whether you're looking to raise finance, buy or sell a business, assess your options, or simply plan ahead, you're going to need a detailed and robust model.

In our models, we build in flexible assumptions that can be understood and changed to gain insight into the opportunities and risks facing you.

When we work with you, we challenge your business drivers while maintaining a pragmatic and commercial approach.

Our experience helps us arrive at the right solution with accuracy and speed.

  • Bespoke models and tools
  • Creating lasting value
  • Help convince stakeholders
  • Bespoke models and tools
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    Each model is developed from scratch using proven methodologies, allowing us to tailor a solution to you.
  • Creating lasting value
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    We work alongside you throughout to ensure that you understand and own a tool that will have lasting value.
  • Help convince stakeholders
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    Our models change thinking. With a credible future view, conversations with stakeholders become easier.
Phil Gunter-Rees
Head of Financial Modelling
Phil Gunter-Rees


Grant Thornton developed a model which allowed us to quickly analyse tender opportunities and inform decisions on go/no-go and on appropriate profit margins to support a sustainable business. This has now been incorporated into our core business processes.

Jon Morris Director, Skanska Cementation

The Grant Thornton team showed great commitment and resourcefulness in developing our new real estate finance cash flow model. The model is now in full service, being put through its paces daily and receiving good feedback from its users.

Sara Ensor BSc MRICS Head of Investment and Development Analysis, Real Estate PM, NatWest Group

Delivery of a corporate financial forecasting model

The challenge
We were asked to provide a financial model that gave the FTSE 250-listed company forecasting clarity and was easy to use by the company’s finance team.
The solution
Delivered a comprehensive financial forecasting model.
The results
The model was capable of providing the evidence required to support the company’s regular impairment testing procedures and thereby ease a key element of its annual statutory audit.

Provision of a cost allocation tool for a large multi-division international business

The challenge
We were asked by a large international business to deliver a cost allocation tool to help clarify business profitability in different parts of the business.
The solution
We designed a set of tools for tracking the impact of regulation and implementing a more-accessible cost-sharing methodology.
The results
As well as making the allocation process simpler and quicker, our work brought immediate transparency to profitability metrics.

Supporting net zero measures through enabling operational decisions led by data

The challenge
Our client asked for modelling team’s support in delivering a tool to underpin its net zero considerations.
The solution
We created a scenario model to support the decision of where to locate distribution warehouses through an assessment of the environmental impact and key cost variables.
The results
The delivered tool helped management optimise warehouse locations, given cost, the availability of government grants and importantly the environmental impact.

Why Grant Thornton

Our financial modelling team has been supporting businesses for over a decade, helping them wrestle with their most-pressing decisions.

We quickly adapt to your way of working. We relish the opportunity to bring our experience to bear on your toughest business issues.

We’re not tied to one piece of software or solution. We choose the right tool to meet your desired outcomes.

We work collaboratively with you from the very start to establish, create and refine a solution.

Our financial modelling service is made up of:

  • corporate deals – transaction models that assess the impact of value drivers, quantify risk and return, and optimise your position in a transaction process
  • strategic planning – providing you with the resources that facilitate debate around your strategic options
  • operational change –testing options, assessing synergies, and tracking benefits
  • restructuring and distress – independent third-party modelling work that helps build lender and investor confidence around likely results
  • insolvency – unwinding complex positions and structures and evaluating possible outcomes
  • infrastructure finance –supporting infrastructure assessment and financing raising, as well as helping with contract optimisation and efficiency reviews.

Automation of data processing and generating management insights

The challenge
Our client, a large financial institution, needed support to automate the production of their management accounts and other key financial reports.
The solution
We developed a tool to automate data pipelines to feed the client’s management accounts and key financial reports.
The results
By doing this we saved the FP&A team a huge amount of time in their monthly reporting cycle whilst helping to ensure the process was efficient and accurate.

Provision of data insights to inform future direction

The challenge
Our client, an international education provider, needed a self-assessment reporting tool to gain better insights into their performance.
The solution
We built and delivered a self-assessment reporting tool.
The results
Our client gained better insights into their performance in support of future strategic direction.

Financial planning and analysis support

The challenge
A fast growing UK group with 1,500 retail outlets needed FP&A resource for six months to provide much needed FP&A capability.
The solution
We delivered qualified and capable FP&A resource.
The results
The PE owners provided fantastic feedback and were pleased the way we responded and helped the finance function mature and develop.

More testimonials

Grant Thornton had to use our processes and methodology whilst also adding improvements to the efficiency. The team learnt quickly, joined as part of the Specsavers team willingly and communicated effectively throughout. The support enabled us to re-focus on the ever-increasing demand of business-as-usual activity whilst also maintaining complete confidence in the process.

Jacquie Mancini Head of Partner Financing and Payroll Services, Specsavers

Working with the Grant Thornton Modelling team was a very easy and smooth process. They collaborated with us in a very professional and pragmatic manner, seeking solutions to our complex needs and challenging us appropriately to find the right level of detail. They delivered a great product to us within a tight deadline, and the model is serving us well for budgeting and for changing the way our management teams think about the business.

Andrew Voss Director, Bluestone Capital Management

Management reporting with Power BI

Automate and customise your management reporting activities.

Watch this video to learn more about the benefits of our management reporting solution using Power BI:

  • Automate: connect management reporting directly to the data source
  • Utilise more of your data by collating it in one place
  • Bring your data to life with interactive visualisation
  • Share reports easily and securely across your organisation

Discover how our solution can help you

Model review service for an international fund client

The challenge
An international fund client wanted assurance around its fund model.
The solution
We undertook a full scope review of the fund model leading to us issuing an opinion on the model’s logical integrity.
The results
The work we undertook gave the client the confidence they sought.

Outsourced modelling in support of ongoing valuation reporting services

The challenge
A global asset manager with $4bn of renewable assets needed back-off support to run its asset valuations.
The solution
We provided and continue to provide model update and valuation analysis services on a quarterly basis.
The results
The modelling team working closely with their valuation colleagues, provide a fully outsourced reporting solution to the fund’s quarter-end investor committee.


The Grant Thornton team constructed a very clearly laid out integrated model that really assisted in conversations with shareholders and lenders, and can also be utilised by the business on an ongoing basis. It was developed in consultation with us to ensure the key drivers and assumptions were transparent and outputs well-presented. It was done to a challenging timetable and the hard work and professionalism of the team was very much appreciated. The model proved a significant factor in getting stakeholders to understand and support our plans.

Andrew Coll CEO, MYCOM OSI, a private-equity backed provider of software solutions to international telecoms operators

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