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Contentious estates and family disputes

Managing complex and sensitive disputes through to resolution

Disputes within high net worth families are increasingly common, whether it be following a divorce or the death of a family member. These disputes focus on the value of assets, competing claims, issues relating to executors and conflict between beneficiaries that can be messy and emotionally charged. They can also prove financially devastating, particularly where assets have been hidden or misappropriated.

Such disputes create a need for experienced independent advisers to manage and protect the estate or assets, and support those involved.


We help you resolve disputes through:


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Corporate intelligence/asset tracing

Dedicated specialist internal intelligence and research team. Access to a multitude of UK and global databases. Bespoke open source intelligence tools. Global network of on the ground intelligence personnel.

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Forensic investigations

Early stage advice on pursuits of claims and advisory support on all stages of proceedings. Shadow expert if a second opinion is required. Expert witness work providing valuations as a party expert or single joint expert.

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Digital forensics

Data acquisition; forensic capture and preservation of data. Data analysis; deleted file recovery password cracking. Data review; electronic review of documentation, mapping the data sources.

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Formal appointments

Independent Executor or Administrator of a deceased estate. A Trustee pursuant to the Administration of Insolvent Estates of Deceased Persons Order 1986. Court Appointed Receiver. Insolvency appointments. Director appointments. Trustee services, including resolving trust disputes with trustees or beneficiaries.

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Debt enforcement and recovery

Enforcement of debts, including those against offshore companies and trusts. Bespoke procedures tailored to the issues, parties and jurisdictions. The use of insolvency proceedings to maximise asset recoveries.

How we can help

We offer early stage insight and recommendations on how to take action, achieving the best possible outcome for clients by identifying and recovering assets. We provide a seamless on-shore and offshore independent and informed perspective. Such recommendations can be underpinned through innovative funding solutions including the availability of “Asset Recovery Fund LLP” for high value asset recovery and enforcement claims (£50million and above) where we are the mandated recovery agent.

Divorces are on the rise as couples face new challenges

A collaborative, strategic approach by asset recovery specialists and legal teams can smooth the way, says Hannah Davie.