Whatever the size of your business, how you manage your tax risk and governance counts more than ever in today’s corporate world.

The priority HMRC places on tax risk management frameworks, the call for greater global tax transparency, the rising focus on ESG and explaining tax governance to third parties all make it essential to fully consider your tax risk approach.

Tax risk management needs to start at board level and incorporate real-time focus within your finance and tax teams.

We work with you to develop effective tax risk management strategies that can evolve as your business and legislative requirements change.

  • Proactive and pragmatic
  • Expertise and experience
  • Local and global
  • Proactive and pragmatic
    Proactive and pragmatic
    Our solutions are practical, tailored to your needs and allow you to take a proactive approach to tax risk management.
  • Expertise and experience
    Expertise and experience
    Our team bring extensive practical experience across all sectors, gained from working in practice, industry and HMRC.
  • Local and global
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    We combine our local knowledge with an international network to support you wherever you do business.
Sam Dean
Director, Head of Tax Risk Management
Sam Dean

Why Grant Thornton

We’re proactive in our work and pragmatic in our solutions. Our team is purely focused on tax risk management and providing you with best-in-class advice.

Working together, we'll help you understand your requirements, enabling you to develop a robust tax risk management framework that’s both practical and effective.

We also work closely with colleagues across our global network, bringing our in-depth expertise across jurisdictions and sectors to every conversation.

Where ESG meets tax for UK businesses

Transform your UK business with an effective ESG strategy. Explore the crucial role of tax, a financial component, in enhancing your ESG agenda.

Our services:

Corporate Criminal Offence (CCO)

Our risk assessment followed by regular reviews ensure you get your CCO processes and procedures right.

Business Risk Review+ (BRR+)

Understand and demonstrate delivery against the expectations of being a HMRC large business customer

Senior Accounting Officer (SAO)

Support with your SAO requirements avoids incorrect filing which can lead to penalties and impacts on your BRR+ risk rating.

Developing the Tax Function Blueprint

We work with you to establish and communicate the type of tax function your business needs, as well as principles and actions for the future.

Tax Risk Management Framework

Improve or design your tax risk management framework to create a map of how tax operates in your business and enables you to demonstrate the controls you have in place.

Global Tax Governance

We look at your global footprint to help you understand the tax governance expectations and then develop a global framework that works for your organisation.

Tax risk management with Sam Dean

Hear from Sam Dean as he discusses the critical aspects of tax risk management. Whether you're just starting or have a mature tax framework, Sam shares invaluable insights to guide your next steps.

Cover image of Sam Dean for the video

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