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Tax risk management

Most companies are now concerned with being compliant, accurate and risk aware when it comes to tax.

Trust has become a major issue for businesses of all sizes, and tackling tax avoidance and enhancing tax risk governance are at the top of the HMRC agenda.

In recent years, a great deal of legislation and resulting process changes have been enacted to ensure that tax, as a subject, is firmly on the Board agenda. Some of the most crucial tax risk governance rules stem from legislation including Senior Accounting Officer and the corporate criminal offence for tax evasion.

Large companies have to monitor their supply chains for tax evasion, publicise their tax strategy and confirm that their accounting is correct. This requires an end-to-end tax control process that is both stringent and easy to manage. To do this, companies need to have a holistic view of their entire tax strategy and ensure governance is in place throughout.

Working with you to manage your tax risk

Our tax risk management specialists work across corporate, indirect and employment taxes and have a breadth of experience in different industries allowing us to understand every area of your business. We will work with you to ensure your approach to tax creates and retains the trust of your customers and your industry, as well as the Regulator.

Our offerings

We offer a number of services spread across three broad themes that can ensure you meet the requirements you need to manage your tax risk.



Documentation and monitoring

  • Process mapping
  • Tax manuals


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