Recruitment is thriving. Driven by reactivation of the job market and the 'great resignation,' activity is up in all sectors.

With international job vacancies at a record high, skills and talent is a hot topic. Recruitment businesses across all sectors have told us they’ve never been busier. Skills shortages are creating opportunities for recruiters, and we're seeing an increasing focus on equality, diversity and inclusion (ED&I).

 Are you ready for these opportunities?

  • Leaders in the M&A recruitment sector
    Leaders in the M&A recruitment sector
    Our vast network can connect you to key industry players and initiate strategic conversations.
  • We are where you are
    We are where you are
    We combine global scale with local insight to understand the unique features of your market.
  • Broad industry perspective
    Broad industry perspective
    Our diverse team of industry experts brings technical expertise and a commitment to excellence.
Keely Woodley
Head of Corporate Finance Advisory
Keely Woodley
Learn more about Keely Woodley
Keely Woodley
Head of Corporate Finance Advisory
Keely Woodley

How we help our clients

We combine award-winning technical expertise with the intuition, insight, and confidence gained from our extensive sector experience and a deeper understanding of our clients. You can get tailored strategic advice to grow, or help, coaching, and support to make the right partnership decisions.

We can provide a fully integrated and seamless service tailored to your needs, including:


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