Supporting you with Independent Monitoring roles, Market Economy Operator Principle (MEOP) state aid reviews and digital forensics.

Competition-related matters can be complex, requiring sophisticated digital forensics, case experience and global reach.

For MEOP state aid reviews, you need realistic solutions that can deal with large amounts of underlying data. Regulatory investigations may require structure and management support, including hold-separate structures and complex separation projects.

Our market-leading independent monitors are here to help you navigate all competition-related matters with confidence.

  • Monitoring trustee mandates
  • Digital forensic support
  • International sanctions
  • Monitoring trustee mandates
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    Experience of acting in over 80 cases reporting to over 20 different competition regulators across the globe.
  • Digital forensic support
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    Wider support available from our digital forensic team in respect of information collation and data mining.
  • International sanctions
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    Experience in international sanctions compliance auditing mandates reporting to national governments and financial regulators.

Why Grant Thornton

We provide a collaborative approach, ensuring you meet your regulatory obligations, providing you with support and advice on navigating the regulatory process in the most effective way possible.

We’ll bring you diverse solutions arising from a depth of specialist skills and sector experience in competition-related matters.

And you’ll be supported when needed by the global reach of our international network of member firms.

Our Independent Monitoring services cover a range of areas for competition, financial, security and other regulatory bodies, acting as:

  • monitoring trustee
  • divestiture trustee
  • independent adviser
  • DPA monitor 
  • take-over panel supervisor
  • independent compliance auditor