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As the end of your private finance initiative (PFI) approaches, it’s crucial to understand the importance of managing it appropriately. Effective management in the final stages can bring significant benefits for your organisation, but it's also a challenge. Understanding the intricacies can help you deliver:

Nick Moseley explains how to manage your PFI and PPP contracts.

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Public sector  

PFI has been a key model for delivery of the UK’s critical infrastructure and wider supporting asset-base. Managing expiry and future provision is an important part of the public sector’s future strategic and financial planning for service delivery.

You can also get insight and guidance from our teams across the following areas of the public sector:


Health keenly used PFIs to deliver hospitals and local assets such as GP surgeries, but given the current pressures on the NHS, it's vital that the organisation understands the implications of exit and future delivery related to these assets.

Real estate

While PFI adopts a standard contractual structure across many projects, it's important to consider the particulars for real estate: asset condition, residual value, and how we invest in assets beyond PFIs – with an ever-increasing focus on sustainability and de-carbonisation.


PFI transformed the schools’ estate in many areas, so it's key that local authorities have a deep understanding of the assets they will re-inherit at expiry and the investment required to ensure schools are fit for purpose looking forward.

To help you succeed, we've created guides to the key challenges across the market that explain the steps you can take to overcome them. You'll also find insight on the current PFI market and trends identified by the Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA).


PFI expiry: preparing for key challenges

Understanding the physical and financial status of a PFI asset will make managing the expiry process much easier.


PFI contract expiry: preparing for a smooth hand-back

Nick Moseley explains what contract managers can do to make the process as smooth as possible.


Managing your PFI contract

Understanding the key stages of PFI-expiry will help Contracting Authorities prepare for navigating the process.

Why Grant Thornton?

We take a pragmatic and collaborative approach to helping you prepare for your PFI or PPP expiry. Our dedicated team has decades of invaluable experience collaborating with contracting authorities throughout the entire lifespan of their PFI projects. This deep understanding of the unique challenges in every stage of a project enables us to provide expert guidance and support every step of the way.