When approaching a procurement exercise, the variety of stakeholders and an uncertain financial landscape can create challenge and uncertainty.

To protect and support public sector finances you need to be proactive in communicating the procurement process, risks, and mitigations to all stakeholders. Even then, procurement competitions often don’t play out as intended. Responding quickly to different situations and questions when these challenges arise is key. Our experienced, flexible and agile approach will provide the support you need during the procurement process – across a range of public sector infrastructure, assets and services.

Public sector procurement

Private Finance Initiative and Public Private Partnerships

Understanding the intricacies of your PFI or PPP can optimise your assets and deliver a smooth post-expiry transition.

Why Grant Thornton

Our people know how the entire procurement process fits together and bring a strong understanding of local authority decision making and governance, alongside the wider policy landscape. We also know that the most effective advice is born from a collaborative approach where the public sector actively engages with private sector bidders. That’s why we flex our method as needed to support structured and energised dialogue that ensures a joined-up approach and increases the chances of success.