Preparing for a disposal is complex and may take you out of your comfort zone.

Managing your business while other parties are undertaking their financial diligence is rarely easy – readiness is key.

Facilitating it requires a knowledge of what's required: whether you're an entrepreneurial business presenting their financials or a plc preparing carve-out accounts across multiple jurisdictions.

  • Information presentation
  • Articulating the story
  • Protecting value
  • Information presentation
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    Presenting your financial information in a format that bidders expect to see, including for carve-outs.
  • Articulating the story
    Articulating the story
    Analysing and explaining your story to demonstrate key value drivers.
  • Protecting value
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    Controlling the information flow and the narrative, to avoid surprises and potential price chips.

Why Grant Thornton

You'll get guidance that leverages technical expertise in financial due diligence to ensure you're fully prepared.

A blended team, led by a senior vendor assist specialist and including due diligence specialists, sector experts and data analytics expertise, will support you throughout the process.

Our team's experience ranges from focused support to address specific concerns to complex international carve out assistance.

Irrespective of your experience or complexity, you'll always get hands-on flexible support that responds to your needs.

We'll invest the time in understanding your business, your key concerns, and your objectives.

You'll receive consistent communication throughout the process that ensures any key findings are flagged as they're identified – so you can address issues before going to market.

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