How to stay in touch with, and make the most of changing markets

Navigating global changes is an ongoing challenge for all businesses. The impact of COVID-19 on your business, global tensions and ever-changing geopolitics demand constant and careful consideration. Our global network of 56,000 people in over 140 countries, gives us a unique view of the world. Our connectivity means we have insight on both large-scale global activity and local interests.

Global political changes and the challenges posed by the pandemic can be problematic if they haven’t been properly prepared for, but more importantly they can present opportunities in new and unexpected places. A great example is how many of our clients have taken Brexit and COVID-19 as an opportunity to assess their current positions, and by preparing for a variety of outcomes have expanded their product ranges and are looking at an international reach beyond European Union borders.

We know from experience that strategic thinking and planning are key elements in successful enterprises. We support our clients in developing far-reaching plans, as well as building strategies that have carefully considered contingencies. There are some important lessons you can learn the easy way by making sure your domestic growth goals are appropriately resourced and by regularly evaluating progress against objectives.

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“The three most fundamental requirements for any company moving into new or foreign markets are connections, information and support. We can offer all three in abundance. Ultimately our network is there to support you and it’s available wherever you're going.”

Andrew Howie, Head of International

We can get more value from your existing international operations

Deriving value from your operations is a fundamental part of your success. We offer our clients a fresh perspective from global experts, helping you get the most out of your presence in different markets and making sure your strategic choices are up to date.

With our support, you will be able to navigate the ever-changing geopolitical impacts on your business. We keep a careful eye on changing regulations and strategic opportunities to help you get the most from your operations.

Our global experts can:

  • streamline your processes
  • review your supply chain structures
  • evaluate new opportunities
  • advise on the best commercial models
  • re-evaluate your overseas tax structures and transfer pricing
  • ensure your regulatory tax compliance
  • improve working capital management
  • implement control environments to manage the commercial and financial risks of operating overseas
  • ensure you have the right people in the right roles and that you reward them at the right level
  • develop a tax-efficient employee transition and relocation policy
  • structure your international assignment policies
  • extract cash and repatriate your money to the UK
  • raise growth finance.

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