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Cities driving trade

Gateway cities to growth

For businesses looking to enhance their growth prospects and deliver future sustainability, international expansion is a must. But once you have decided on a target region or market, how can you find an entry point that will provide the greatest chance of success?

We've profiled cities that boast the most compelling mix of geographic, economic and cultural qualities. These may not be in the front of your mind, but they act as springboards for businesses hoping to access markets or industries all over the world.

Our short guides cover everything from local business support, infrastructure and tax regulations to cultural differences, industrial strengths and key growth opportunities.

We have also drawn on our recent experience of helping firms set up in these locations to provide additional insight into how companies can make the right local contacts and get a handle on the trading options available to them.

These are the cities that are set to drive global trade for many years to come.

Where do you want to go?

Asia Pacific

Singapore: the hub where east meets west

Shenzhen: China’s buzzing high-tech hub

Begin your Chinese adventure through Shenzhen

Business without borders

Expand into new markets and broaden your business horizons.