Broadening your business horizons

If your next move is into the international marketplace, that’s not always as simple as it sounds. Missing out on opportunities because they’re outside your domestic market isn’t good for business, so we're here to help you run your business without borders.

Expansion is a natural next step for many businesses. According to our survey1 of 300 mid-sized companies who had an average of 40% of their annual turnover from overseas customers. Europe is their biggest market, with 95% trading, followed by North America (49%) and Asia (45%).

Our survey showed that in the future, Asia is likely to considered to be a more important market than North America. This may seem surprising given the US has traditionally been the UK’s biggest single-country trading partner, but many of the companies we surveyed are making decisions based on reaching new customers, following a more opportunistic than strategic approach to overseas markets.

Wherever your next big step takes you, we can help you recognise the opportunities and strategies you need to get there.

How we help you plan your overseas market entry

The three keys to a successful entry into a new market are connections, information and support. Our global network gives you access to experts in all fields. Whatever the question, we can connect you to the people who can answer it. Whether you are a business taking the first steps to international expansion or interested in entering new markets, our global tax, audit and advisory teams can help you identify opportunities and mitigate risks.

Entry to new markets means extensive research and structured planning. This is where we’re most experienced. We can help you to:

  • qualify the market for products and sales channels
  • execute strategic transactions like mergers, bolt-on acquisitions and disposals
  • access key skills and local talent
  • design capital structures that support your entry strategy
  • develop a long-term funding structure.

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    Connections and expertise

    Our international business groups can help with specific entry market enquiries.

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    Setting up in the UK

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      1. Survey was undertaken before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.