Practical advice and expert input for anyone moving into UK markets

The UK is an attractive centre for investment for many reasons:

  • It is considered a centre of excellence for financial services, tech innovation and creative industries
  • It provides access to diverse cultures, world class education and a highly skilled workforce
  • It is centrally located and in convenient time zones for companies bridging the US, Asia and EU markets

Despite the UK's changing relationship with Europe, these factors hold strong and the UK remains a viable location for many of our overseas clients. Our advisers can help at every stage of your company’s growth cycle – from starting-up, raising venture funding, listing on a global exchange, acquiring or merging with another company, and using the UK as a base to expand into other markets.




“We understand where our clients are coming from, so we can help them navigate the complexities of UK rules and regulations. We also make it our mission to ensure they’re making the most of the opportunities the UK has to offer.”

Melanie Frean, International Business Centre Director

For all the facets of starting or succeeding in the UK, we have dedicated teams with specialised, expert understanding to help show you the way.

We can help you with:

  • company set up
  • location advice
  • employment issues
  • taxation services
  • back-office services
  • business growth support
  • audit and assurance.

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