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Webinar series

Digital transformation in financial services

The prioritisation of digital transformation in the financial services sector has been significantly accelerated by the current circumstances. Watch our webinars on demand to learn about developing a successful digital transformation strategy.

The lifeblood of digital transformation is data: organisations cannot develop a digital footprint without effective and efficient data management capabilities.

You can find out more about these issues by watching webinar recordings from our recent series on data management and digital transformation.

In the webinars, our own experts were joined by speakers across banking, insurance, and investment management, as well as leading academics, to discuss developing a digital transformation strategy in the financial services sector.

Data management: striking a balance between your regulator and shareholders

Good data management involves balancing defensive and offensive strategies. To satisfy the regulator, you must manage your data (defence), but to please your shareholders, you need to leverage it: to generate revenue and acquire customers (offense). In this webinar, our own data management expert, Nikhil Asthana, Head of Data, RegTech & Digital Assurance Practice, explains the six fundamental data capabilities of a data-driven organisation.

In addition to watching the webinar, you can also read our guidance on offensive and defensive strategiesdata transformationbuilding data capability and developing a data strategy.

Digital transformation: how can organisations improve their digital maturity?

FinTech partnerships can accelerate an organisation's digital transformation. In this webinar, our expert panel explored how you can develop these partnerships. The wider conversation on digital maturity in financial services also looked at the opportunities and challenges of 'going digital' and the steps you need to take before implementing a digital transformation strategy.

You can also read our guidance on assessing your digital maturity model.

How RegTech can transform your compliance and costs

Much said about FinTech and RegTech software is technical jargon. During this plain-speaking session our attendees found out more about the evolution of RegTech 2.0, the benefits of RegTech, regulatory genome project, RegTech maturity and how to derive value from RegTech. Our expert panellist explored how they can contribute to an efficient and sustainable compliance programme and relieve day to day cost pressures.

Open Finance: benefits of creating a FinTech Ecosystem

Open Finance extends banking benefits into other financial services, meaning consumers can be offered tailored products and services, from mortgages and savings accounts to investment portfolios and pensions. During this session attendees gained insight into the opportunities and challenges presented by Open Finance as well as guidance on establishing FinTech partnerships to accelerate your Open Finance initiatives.