Waste management has a significant impact on the UK’s commercial, environmental, and social landscape. Better decision making reduces impacts now and aids the transition to a lower carbon future.

Making the right decisions on waste management isn’t easy. National policy is becoming more demanding. People’s habits are ever-evolving. And technology is constantly advancing to offer new solutions. You need to get ahead of these changes and challenges in order to successfully deliver your waste management objectives – both for now and the long term.

  • Contract expiry / procurements
  • Policy and strategy
  • Cutting-edge technologies
  • Contract expiry / procurements
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    Guidance through transition from expiring PFI and PPP contracts, options appraisal, and getting the best deal from new procurements.
  • Policy and strategy
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    We work collaboratively with local and central government to drive effective waste management policy and strategy development.
  • Cutting-edge technologies
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    We support innovative links into the circular economy through waste-to-energy, bio-fuels, low-carbon hydrogen, and carbon capture, usage, and storage (CCUS).

Why Grant Thornton

We are your first line of support for making waste management decisions. Work with us and you’ll get a dedicated team of financial and commercial advisers who:

  • work with you in a seamlessly integrated way
  • break down complex challenges into clear and understandable solutions
  • provide support across financial, commercial, tax, accounting, project management, economics and analytics
  • bring decades of experience in helping public and private sector clients navigate waste management.