In a changing workplace environment that’s becoming more global, connected and multicultural, together we can harness the talent and potential of a wide range of people to develop and grow our firm and our world.

I&D at Grant Thornton

  • I&D at Grant Thornton

    We’ve joined the Valuable 500, committing to disability inclusion

  • I&D at Grant Thornton

    We signed Business in the Community’s Race At Work Charter

  • I&D at Grant Thornton

    Listed in the Times Top 50 Employers for Women

  • I&D at Grant Thornton

    #144 on the Stonewall Index for 2022 and Silver Award

  • I&D at Grant Thornton

    #4 on the Social Mobility Employers Index

  • I&D at Grant Thornton

    93% of our people say they feel accepted by their teams

Gender and Ethnicity pay gap reports

Our vision is to create an inclusive firm where there is no disparity in pay or opportunity regardless of gender or ethnicity.

David Dunckley, CEO

  • David Dunckley, CEO

    “We respect difference and are committed to creating an inclusive environment where all our people can grow. Every person in our firm should be able to be themselves at work and fulfil their potential.”

Everyday inclusion

Our ambition is that we are fully inclusive every day. This means that our working environment is one where everyone’s experience is important.

It is where all our people are treated fairly, everyone has equal access to opportunities and reward, and where everyone feels safe to be themselves. We want to create a culture where it’s okay to ask questions and to understand more about different perspectives, so that we continuously educate and inform each other.

Learn what we’ve been doing to achieve everyday inclusion through this short video

Inclusion and Diversity at Grant Thornton

Diversity and inclusion

Our goal is to be the best firm at valuing diversity through inclusion by 2023.

Understand your organisation’s current status, define your ambitions for the future and develop robust, practical strategies to get you there.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG)

Embedding the positive potential of ESG into the future of your business

Your ESG agenda will now determine who will do business with you.

Our commitments to inclusion and diversity


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"I’m passionate and committed to improving inclusion and diversity, because I know how important belonging is, and the impact exclusion can have on our mental wellbeing. At Grant Thornton our aim is to listen, respond and positively change the lived experience of all our people. We want every individual to feel heard, supported and valued, enabling them to perform at their best."

Jenn Barnett

Jenn Barnett