We know the pressures of work and life, if not actively managed can lead to periods of stress and anxiety and we can only perform at our best if we are mentally healthy and prioritising the right recovery, exercise and nutrition to help ourselves.

For some, this is an ongoing condition and some are still recovering from the emotional and physical toll of the pandemic in terms of mood, motivation and social isolation.

We have prioritised wellbeing by ensuring our people have immediate access to support when it's needed, training over 70 trained mental health first aiders to spot signs and discuss issues with our people and putting people manager training in place to guide better conversations about mental health. We have put support in place to normalise mental health and focus on skills to build resilience.

Our strategy is built around supporting our people in all areas of mental health and resilience which includes balancing workload through flexible work practices, prioritising rest, and emphasising and encouraging the importance of social connection, enabling you to prioritise your personal well-being. Getting this right enables us to:

  • support our people to lead healthy lifestyles at work
  • create an open culture where people are supported and can thrive
  • reduce the stigma around mental health and put resilience at the forefront.