Helping employers to manage the tax risks that arise from rewarding their most important asset, their employees.

Employers face growing challenges to attract, retain and reward their employees. These market challenges exist alongside increasing compliance requirements. As an employer you face complex tax legislation relating to pay and this can pose a significant risk to your business, both financially and reputationally.

Working with our employment tax team can ensure you reward employees in the most efficient way, using streamlined technology, and manage your employment tax risks.

  • Proactive and pragmatic​
  • ​Streamlined technology
  • Public/private sector expertise
  • Proactive and pragmatic​
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    We tailor our practical solutions to your needs, allowing you to take a proactive approach to your employment tax compliance​.
  • ​Streamlined technology
    ​Streamlined technology
    Our Employment Status Intelligence Platform (ESIP) uses our wealth of employment tax knowledge to ease the administrative burden of off-payroll working compliance.​
  • Public/private sector expertise
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    Our team has extensive experience across both the public and private sectors, working with key stakeholders from across your organisation.

Our services:

Risk management

A proactive approach to employment tax risk management is invaluable in providing employers reassurance and ensuring they can make best use of their time. From advice around benefits to full employment tax risk reviews, our team provides the insights and support that businesses need.​

Employee benefits and expenses​

Managing employment cost and providing tax efficient benefits and expenses to your employees requires consideration from an employment tax perspective. Implementing your reward proposition right supports the attraction, retention and recruitment in the race for key talent.

Pay risk and governance​

The legislation governing employee pay can be complex to apply and getting this wrong can lead to public naming, causing significant reputational risk.

Policies and procedures​

Establishing robust and practical policies, procedures and controls is central to successful employment tax risk management, regardless of the size of the business or organisation.


In addition to having robust policies, procedures and controls, it is essential that those responsible for employment tax compliance have a strong understanding of the legislative requirements and it is regularly maintained. This may also have a wider application across the whole business or organisation.

Off-payroll working​

There are numerous ways to engage workers outside of the payroll, which provide flexibility for your workforce requirements. This area is governed by complex legislation which can add to your employment tax risk.

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)​

The application of the CIS rules can be complex. CIS legislation includes a broad definition of what is considered to be a construction operation, which means businesses can inadvertently be required to operate under the scheme.​

Why Grant Thornton

We pride ourselves on being proactive in our work and pragmatic in our solutions. We will always aim to take a holistic view of your queries and tailor support that is specific to your needs.​

We work closely with our colleagues across Grant Thornton, both in the UK and internationally, bringing our in-depth knowledge and experience across jurisdictions and sectors to every conversation.​

Our technology solutions are written by members of the employment tax team, with the first-hand experience and technical knowledge to understand the complex legislative requirements.


Employment Status Intelligence Platform

Knowing you have processes in place to manage the risk frees up you and your team to focus on other value-add activities.

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