Your business needs robust and efficient processes to monitor your off-payroll workers (OPW) or contractors, assess their employment status, and manage your IR35 tax risk.

Reviewing your processes to manage off-payroll IR35 compliance is an opportunity to optimise your general resourcing strategy.

Utilising flexible labour alongside your permanent workforce gives you options and opens up access to specialist skills.

Effectively monitoring your employee and contractor population equips you with the confidence to make informed decisions – automating the processes enables you and your team to prioritise value-adding activities.

Why Grant Thornton

You can get support with all aspects of managing your IR35 compliance and leveraging opportunities in relation to your workforce management.

We'll help you ensure that reasonable care is demonstrated on your responsibilities within the labour-supply chain, whether directly to engaging off-payroll workers, or gaining comfort regarding the use of fully outsourced services.

Technical guidance

We can run educational workshops that deliver technical guidance and facilitate discussion and group input. These sessions ensure internal stakeholders involved in engaging contractors understand the rules and their own responsibilities, including in scope OPW rules, as well as outside of scope matters, such as engaging with outsourced service providers.

Data analytics

We can use our in-house tools to identify off-payroll workers (OPW) in your organisation. Obtain the 'as-is' position and assess potential past, present, and future risk to your business.

Employment status assessments

Our employment status assessments platform (ESIP) enables status assessments of your workers (both intermediaries and direct engagements) in less time and with greater consistency than HMRC's CEST. The platform enables oversight of your off-payroll engagements, includes a dispute-resolution feature, produces status determination statements, and supports the demonstration of reasonable care, in line with IR35 compliance requirements.

Best practice guidance

We can support appropriate communication with impacted stakeholders, including explaining required actions and updates to existing processes and controls. This includes the engaging department, individual contractor, and, if applicable, agency. We can also deliver guidance on best practice for deemed employee payroll processes and managing disputes.

Strategy management and change processes

We can help you build a flexible workforce for the future and produce statements that demonstrate reasonable care in your compliance.

Employment Status Intelligence Platform

Get more accurate employment status assessments with our market-leading tool.

How can our Employment Status Intelligence Platform (ESIP) help you?

Watch this video to find out how ESIP can help you with employment status assessment:

  • Demonstrate reasonable care to HMRC
  • Gain insight into your contractor population
  • Monitor engagements with new and existing off-payroll workers
  • Keep an audit trail to support supply chain diligence, communication, dispute resolution and risk management

Discover how our digital solution can help you