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Risk and capital management

We help businesses determine which capital risk management approach fits them best, ensuring that compliance is a natural by-product and not the primary driver.

While the regulatory dimensions of capital risk management are growing at an unprecedented pace, it is our understanding of the links between risk, capital and performance that benefits our clients.

Effective capital risk management protects the capital of the firm, avoids financial distress and maintains financial performance within the bounds acceptable to shareholders and debtholders.  If your risk management framework is effectively conceived and implemented it will prevent erosion of the financial capability of your business and allow it to seize opportunities.

Basel II and the Capital Requirements Directive demand levels of sophistication in risk quantification appropriate to the size and complexity of a firm's risk profile.  At the same time, the need to demonstrate an embedded approach requires firms to place risk management at the very top of their agenda and consider widespread governance, risk and assurance regimes, as well as effectively demonstrating 'proof of use' to the FCA/PRA.  We can offer an unrivalled track record in delivering workable and highly-effective risk management solutions  and have experience in the following areas:

  • Solvency II preparedness for the insurance sector
  • Risk information management systems that are fully configurable, and tailored to meet your specific requirements

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