ESG is central to financial services business strategies. Meeting regulatory requirements and creating long-term value means navigating a changing landscape of economic and policy considerations.

The ESG data market is undergoing rapid changes due to heightened demand from financial institutions and investors, as well as new regulatory requirements.

Staying ahead of the curve depends on understanding the ESG landscape, mitigating risk, and proactively transforming your business model. Effectively navigating the complex ESG domain can drive growth and unlock value to build a sustainable future for your business and clients.

  • Governance and Strategy
  • Risk management
  • Transparency and discourses
  • Governance and Strategy
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    To shape your ESG strategy you need to identify the priorities most relevant to your organisation. These decisions will be based on both stakeholder expectations and your view of the importance of these areas to the success of your business.
  • Risk management
    Risk management
    With increasing changes in regulatory requirements and stakeholder demands, risk management is integral to the delivery of an ESG strategy. ESG risk management will safeguard your business operationally and financially, protecting your reputation and the interests of key stakeholders.
  • Transparency and discourses
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    Critical components of sustainable business practice include decision-making frameworks, control and risk practices, culture, board leadership, remuneration structures, reporting and stakeholder impact. Disclosures provide a window onto leadership capabilities and awareness of ESG risks and opportunities.
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Head of Sustainability and Climate, Financial Services
Rashim Arora
Rashim Arora
Head of Sustainability and Climate, Financial Services
Rashim Arora

Why Grant Thornton

Our ESG experts have a robust understanding of regulatory and policy-drivers in the market and experience throughout financial services. You’ll work with a global team of experts who can deliver actionable solutions to build long-term value.

This is how we can help you stay ahead on ESG:

  • Strategy, risk, and opportunity identification
  • Business transition
  • Metrics, targets, and disclosures
  • Risk management
  • Governance, leadership, and culture frameworks
  • ESG and non-financial assurance
  • ESG-programme and change management
  • Value-creation through effective ESG communication

Transition Plan

The transition plan taskforce (TPT) was established by HM Treasury in May 2022 in response to the UK Government's commitment to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 and make the UK the world's first net zero-aligned financial centre. Our TPT guide will help you
• understand what TPT means for financial services
• create a TPT disclosure framework
• consider key challenges in transition planning for sectors
• Outline a four-stage methodology plan

Download the guide [ 3299 kb ]


Reviewing EU Bank climate change and ESG plans

We were required by the European Commission as Monitoring Trustee to assess the risk framework around large global systemic banks in Greece, Portugal, Spain and Cyprus. We were tasked with liaising with bank management and producing a quarterly report for the European Commission on progress and delivery of strategy. Most recently we have been reviewing the Single Supervisory Mechanism’s requirements to address Climate Change initiatives.

What we did

During the engagement we:

  • reviewed the overall strategy and its alignment to risk appetite and overall management of risk and control
  • reviewed the governance approach and oversight
  • evaluated the effectiveness of the overall risk management framework
  • evaluated the internal audit function and their adequacy over the three lines of defence framework
  • performed an assessment over management of prudential risk i.e. capital and liquidity management
  • assessed areas of opportunity for cost rationalisation and enhanced cost control.

ESG and climate change

A look at the financial risk of climate change and how you can prepare your business.


Risk and Regulation Unravelled podcast

In our Risk and Regulation Unravelled podcast, we discuss developments in financial services with industry experts.