The pace of automation in financial services continues to accelerate – leveraging data to solve complex problems

The benefits are clear: greater flexibility, scalability, and productivity alongside improved quality and faster services, but success depends on integrating the technology with your people, processes, and risk management

  • Intelligent Automation (IA)
  • Process optimisation
  • Intelligent Automation (IA)
    Intelligent Automation (IA)
    Intelligent automation (IA) uses data, digital, and automation solutions to streamline processes across organisations. It’s delivered by combining robotic process automation (RPA) with artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Process optimisation
    Process optimisation
    Manual processes that require a lot of employee effort and oversight, are redesigned in a way that the process becomes efficient, self-adaptive and can adjust to new organisational requirements.

Intelligent automation spectrum

Intelligent automation will allow you to switch from rule-based automation to judgement-based evolving processes. The implementation of intelligent automation has a spectrum:

Business Impact

1. Manual processes

Traditional business process management (i.e., Excel macros, batch processing and BPMN)

2. Robotic process automation

Some processes are automated using rules over structured data with a reduction in human supervision

3. Machine-based process execution

Core processes automated using machine learning decision engines

4. Intelligence-driven organisation

Decision engines use deductive analytics, processes learn from human decisions

Why Grant Thornton?

Our intelligent automation services are anchored by a deep understanding of business objectives and value creation. Our tried and tested approach evaluates end-to-end business activities and identifies where to pragmatically infuse process automation, case management and artificial intelligence to deliver enhanced operational improvements that overcome conventional performance trade-offs.

Additional services

Data Services

Using data to accelerate digitisation, strengthen reporting, and drive efficiency.


Our fintech hub will enable you to innovate and test solutions to business problems in a secure environment.


Cost pressures and sustainable compliance requirements create additional demand for regtech software, including maturity and data solutions.

Regulatory change

Helping firms keep up with the regulatory landscape with solutions tailored to your specific needs.