Financial services firms need to stay ahead of changing regulation, exceed customer expectations, and achieve growth ambitions.

Why Grant Thornton

You can reduce the time and risk around bringing new products to market by working with us: leveraging our insights, fintech hub network, and multi-disciplinary teams.

We use an extensive international network of market entrants to build relationships with established firms to strengthen their business models, relationships with customers, and efficiencies.

We have access to 8,000+ European fintech firms and develop fintech solutions that match every problem statement (growth, end-customer engagement, operational efficiency, etc). Using our open finance hub enables firms to rapidly develop proof of values (PoVs) by testing and implementing new services in a secure environment.

The focus of open finance is to improve the way consumers and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) manage their finances and improve the way companies interact with each other and with their customers.

This is done by using application programme interfaces (APIs) to create refined financial products and services across third-party providers. This is underpinned by sharing data: both open publicly-available data, and user/customer data – with consent.

This creates opportunities to provide better and more tailored products and services, at the best price points, in a digitally optimal way: user-friendly, fast, and secure.

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Digital transformation in financial services

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