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Building business resilience

The UK is facing a combination of political and economic pressures we haven’t seen in almost 50 years, and business leaders need to explore all options for adapting their propositions.

To support you through the difficult economic landscape, award-winning journalist and presenter Nadine Dereza hosted our panel as they discussed the levers you can pull in these unique circumstances to prepare for what's ahead.

Catch up on demand to hear the panel discuss:

  • how the current economic and political climate will impact your business
  • how any relevant mini-budget announcements might impact your business and your people
  • tactical tax measures you can implement to strengthen your business position while protecting your most important asset: your employees
  • an update on UK energy markets, expectations for the future of Net Zero and energy policy following the new Cabinet announcements
  • how consumer-facing businesses can continue appealing to customers in a cost-of-living crisis
  • the levers management can pull in these unique circumstances to boost resilience.

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