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facilities management image
Podcast Facilities management industry spotlight
Listen to this podcast episode to explore the latest M&A trends in the facilities management sector.
Chris Sharpe
Usman Malik
George Fieldhouse photo
| 18 min listen |
market review image
Podcast H1 Private equity market review
Listen to our ‘Behind the Transaction' podcast episode to hear our panel of Grant Thornton experts reflect on the private equity market performance in the first half of 2024.
Humza Khan
Lucy Orhnial
Peter Terry
| 12 min listen |
deal team
Podcast IPO readiness - Preparing for an IPO
The IPO process involves serious preparation to endure the transaction process, and the transition, to a public company.
John Panteli
Jamie Barklem
| 13 min listen |
team meeting image
Podcast Hybrid capital funding unveiled
Hybrid capital offers a bespoke and flexible source of funding, how can it be used and what are the benefits?
George Fieldhouse photo
Adam Hughes
| 15 min listen |
Carbon emissions image
Podcast The impact of emissions and greenhouse gasses on deal value
Our expert guests break down the complexities and nuances of the impact of emissions and greenhouse gases on deal value, shedding light on how environmental considerations can significantly influence the valuation and success of deals in today's landscape.
Raj Kumar
Oliver Bridge
| 17 min listen |
healthcare image
Podcast Private equity in healthcare
Our Healthcare and PE experts discuss why Healthcare is an attractive sector for private equity investment, the surge of tech-enablement, value creation strategies and future trends to watch out for in 2024.
Humza Khan
Peter Jennings
| 24 min listen |
two men shaking hands
Podcast People in deals: the planning phase
Aspects of people and transactions and how to appropriately plan for those before launching a transaction process
Harry Gabriel
Katie Nightingale
| 15 min listen |
Day nursery image
Podcast Journey of an M&A deal I Orchard Day Nursery
Understand the typical process of an M&A deal, how we work as sell-side advisors, and gain an insight into not just the technical aspects of a transaction but the personal too.
Mike Tillson
| 15 min listen |
image depicting Technology, media and telecommunications
Podcast Technology, media, and telecommunications industry spotlight
Understand the key trends in the TMT M&A market, including the hot spots for activity and what it takes to get deals done in the sector.
Andy Morgan
Hemal Shah
| 16 min listen |
Podcast An introduction to Employee Ownership Trusts
Understand the EOT market landscape, the meaning and value of an EOT deal structure and how companies can put them into place.
Monique Beaulieu
| 13 min listen |
Automotive industry trends
Podcast Automotive industry trends
Our automotive experts outline the key industry trends and their predictions for 2024.
Owen Edwards
| 10 min listen |
A guide to employee share schemes
Podcast A guide to employee share schemes
Tune in to our latest ‘Behind the Transaction’ podcast episode on share schemes and their importance in transactions.
Monique Beaulieu
| 12 min listen |
a photograph of two women talking
Podcast Debt market outlook
Stay informed on the debt market outlook with our market update on the behind the transaction podcast.
George Fieldhouse photo
Adam Hughes
| 12 min listen |
2023 Debt Market Review
Podcast 2023 Debt Market Review
Stay informed on the debt market with our market update on the behind the transaction podcast.
George Fieldhouse photo
Adam Hughes
| 13 min listen |
Podcast Looking ahead to 2024
Join us in the second episode of our podcast series ‘Behind the Transaction’ to hear our predictions for how the 2024 deals market will fare against a backdrop of political and economic uncertainty.
Mo Merali photo
| 10 min listen |
image depicting colleagues making a deal
PODCAST 2023 Deals Market Review
Stay informed on the deals market with our full analysis of current trends across industry.
Mo Merali photo
| 10 min listen |
Podcast Optimise your business
Unpredictable external factors are continuing to impact business performance. Listen to this episode for guidance on how you optimise your business to manage these pressures.
Mo Merali photo
Humza Khan
| 27 min listen |
image depicting two colleagues shaking hands
PODCAST Family office investment
Over the last decade we have seen a significant rise in family offices adding private equity to their portfolios.
Mo Merali photo
Humza Khan
| 22 min listen |
image depicting a woman working on a laptop
PODCAST Rise of the minority investment
Minority investments are becoming increasingly common in M&A. Listen to this episode for guidance on this trend.
Mo Merali photo
Humza Khan
| 20 min listen |
image depicting employees working in the office
PODCAST Investment in business services
Business services has generated significant interest among private equity investors over the past decade.
Mo Merali photo
Humza Khan
| 20 min listen |