Charity sector developments report

Paul Rao Paul Rao

During such uncertain times, many will increasingly be looking to charities for help and support. Paul Rao summarises our report on the recent developments and current challenges faced by the charity sector.

Our charity sector developments report aims to cover the current challenges and risks faced by charities as well as giving you an overview of the regulatory and legislative developments most relevant to the sector.

These include an updated charity governance code, some recent reports from the Charity Commission and the Fundraising Regulator, as well as a continued focus on climate change reporting from many stakeholders, including the Financial Reporting Council. We've also included details around a number of pension and tax updates that are relevant to the charity sector.

As you navigate through various regulatory and legislative changes, such changes may also provide opportunities for you to highlight your social purpose, values and contributions to society, as well as your support for the most vulnerable in our communities.

At the heart of all these changes, good governance has a key role to play in ensuring that strategic decisions are not rushed, policies and procedures are followed, and there is clear documentation around the decision-making process.

We hope you find reading this document informative and look forward to providing additional updates on the sector in the near future.

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