Regulatory change, pressure on cost management, the need to grow, and increased investment in technology and data are dominating the financial services industry.

UK bankers, insurers and asset managers are key drivers for the industry, but inevitably will face a long period of disruption.

As you plan for the future, you will need to harness the power of technology to transform and grow at scale and speed, while meeting the expectations of the customer.

UK regulatory handbook 2023/24

An essential guide to the regulatory landscape for financial services

Our global team of industry experts bring sector knowledge and practical advice for:

Alex Ellerton
Head of Financial Services Group
Alex Ellerton

Our expertise

We partner with firms across the banking, insurance, capital markets and investment management sectors to help achieve strategic goals, meet regulatory demands, and ensure that people and customers reach their potential.

Our global team of experts are pro-active and pragmatic, delivering differentiated and innovative solutions to a portfolio of dynamic clients to build long-term value for financial services. We can advise you on:

Risk and Regulation Unravelled podcast

A financial services forecast for 2023

We discuss what developments we expect in 2023, including in response to geopolitical tensions, AI, sustainability, cryptocurrency, the cost-of-living crisis and other economic pressures.


Key trends for financial services in the year ahead

Discover the financial services industry trends and outlook as Alex Ellerton looks at the key challenges facing firms in 2023.

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