Developing a robust policy, identifying clear stakeholder responsibilities, and implementing technology solutions around remote international work is now more important than ever.

Hybrid and distance working has widened the options for employees but added another layer of complexity – and scrutiny – for employers. 

As you look to offer flexibility in how and where your employees work, you also need to stay ahead of the legal, tax and social security implications.

This requires a tailored approach. Whether you need support with policy development, technology implementation, managing approvals for international travel or compliance, we’re here to help you get it right.

  • Agile approach
  • Relationship-led service
  • Market-leading technology
  • Agile approach
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    A flexible service model that’s right for your business.
  • Relationship-led service
    Relationship-led service
    Direct access to our most senior advisers for commercial, pragmatic solutions.
  • Market-leading technology
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    PinPoint is a web-based tool that helps you manage business travel, remote work and posted worker compliance.

Why Grant Thornton?

While the requirement for tracking business travellers to ensure compliance with your obligations isn’t new, the potential for remote international work has grown significantly.

We support with all aspects of navigating this complexity, including:

  • gap analysis of your current operational model
  • support with process design for managing your population of short-term business travellers, commuters and remote workers
  • tracking, reporting and analysis through PinPoint calendar technology.

Remote worker policy design and implementation

The challenge
A UK-headquartered retail organisation wanted to implement a remote working policy that allowed employees to work overseas within set confines.
The solution
Together we developed a policy that included a country ‘green list’ based on organisational footprint, and approval parameters such as duration, number of visits and right to work.
The results
A robust policy that gives clarity to both employee and employer – providing welcome flexibility for employees while saving the employer time by reducing ad hoc requests.

Remote worker triage and solution implementation

The challenge
A UK-headquartered not for profit organisation identified a number of employees who had been working overseas without the knowledge of the HR and finance team.
The solution
We tailored our approach based on risk per territory to deliver a red, amber, green (RAG) report, which was then used to triage the risks in more detail and target the response.
The results
The client was able to focus their time, bringing high-risk countries up to date before moving on to the lower risk ones. We also supported them in dealing with their obligations.

Our technology solution PinPoint 

Pinpoint is a web-based business traveller tool that helps manage business travel, remote work and posted worker compliance internationally.

Key benefits:

  • Limited access; information is secure and encrypted
  • Manage tax, social security and posted worker directive (PWD) risk with inbuilt treaties and regulations
  • Automated tasks guide users through; risks and tasks are clearly flagged
  • Downstream delivery – initiate tax briefings, tax returns, A1, Appendix 4 reporting and send reports to payroll
  • Dynamic dashboards visualise risks and issues, along with on-demand reporting, helping you stay in control

For a demo of PinPoint, contact Davyd Fisher.

Product screenshots

Intuitive employee dashboard

Screenshot depicting intuitive employee dashboard

Customisable employer dashboard

Screenshot depicting customisable employer dashboard

Red, amber, green across key risk areas

Screenshot depicting Red, amber, green across key risk areas

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