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Global mobility services

Aligning mobility strategy with your business objectives

The relentless pace of globalisation combined with global volatility means that employee mobility plays an increasing role in business strategy and talent development. To succeed, your business must be able to move people cross-border, capitalising on opportunities while managing the associated costs and risks.

Our Global Mobility Services team works with a range of dynamic businesses, from those going global for the first time to companies with established expatriate programmes.

Our approach makes a world of difference

We have true global scale, deep technical capabilities and extensive industry expertise but what makes us different is how we work with you. We pride ourselves in adopting a relationship-led approach which gives you direct access to our most senior advisors. We are big enough to take on the most complex and specialist work but small enough to be flexible, agile and responsive.

Drawing on the knowledge and insights of our global network of mobility professionals, we will work with you to deliver insightful solutions that deliver tax efficiencies, ensure global compliance and manage costs.

We provide support for you and your people throughout the assignment lifecycle:

For the organisation

  • Strategic assignment planning and structuring
  • Assignment policy development and review
  • Budgeting and cost management
  • Coordination of global compliance and advisory services
  • Shadow and modified payroll services
  • Advice on incentive and pension arrangements
  • Business traveller, commuter and rotator advisory and technology solutions
  • Social security planning and compliance services

For your people

  • Arrival and departure briefings and compliance
  • UK tax return preparation and assistance with associated audits
  • Tax equalisation and protection reconciliation
  • Knowledge of the overall impact of the assignment on personal tax affairs
  • US tax planning, advisory and compliance services

Katy Bond

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