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I am a lead in our people and culture team where I focus on people, culture risk and the S and the G in the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) arena.

I have circa 25 years of experience in people and culture. My work includes carrying out people risk audits, across all areas of the employee lifecycle, from people strategy, resourcing, reward, talent and succession, to workforce planning. 

With a keen interest in organisational effectiveness, I work with audit teams to assess risk in organisational culture from its design to how embedded it is. Every organisation has its own cultural risks and our audits provide insights into where the risks are found.

As the world of work continues to evolve stakeholders have become increasingly interested in how organisations are responding to the drive to becoming ‘responsible businesses’. I am passionate about the social agenda of ESG and helping ensure that organisations understand their role in making the world of work a place where everyone can thrive. No organisation operates in a vacuum and understanding how the component parts impact both the internal and external risks is important as not identifying or taking action to address this can have a material impact on an organisation’s reputation.

I undertake audits that look at compliance with key issues such as; modern slavery, labour standards, ethical supply chains, and diversity and inclusion agendas.

My work is with clients of all shapes and sizes. From regulatory bodies to not for profit clients through to international and highly complex matrixed organisations.  

I hold an MSc in Organisational Development and my dissertation was on the subject of trust in organisations. Trust has always been important for organisations but none more so than now.

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Jacky Griffiths
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Jacky Griffiths
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