In times of business fragility, you need solutions that won’t damage the underlying business. Our corporate finance and restructuring teams work with you to reach the optimal solution.

Even fundamentally sound businesses run into difficulties. Losing big clients can pressurise cash-flow, and insufficient headroom can mean that performance dips threaten breaches of banking covenants.

If this happens, investors, both debt and equity, may look to exit, restructure, or refinance the business. But openly marketing for sale, or raising funds for a stressed or distressed business, can impair enterprise value.

We can guide you through a variety of special situations.

  • Carve-outs and disposals
  • Accelerated M&A
  • Accelerated fundraising
  • Carve-outs and disposals
    Carve-outs and disposals
    Navigating the complex, sensitive process of non-core disposals and carve-outs to generate the best value for financial stakeholders.
  • Accelerated M&A
    Accelerated M&A
    Acting swiftly to find a solution that realises value for stakeholders, while minimising damage to the business.
  • Accelerated fundraising
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    Finding the right funders to raise capital fast, easing short-term business cash flows and allowing the business to continue operations.

Why Grant Thornton

Collaboration, sensitivity and speed are how we approach special situations.

Our corporate finance and restructuring teams work closely together, supported by our internal network of specialist teams, to consider all aspects and find the right solution for you.

We’re always sensitive in this task. Our people have a strong track record in acting discreetly and forging relationships in difficult circumstances, while delivering the best value for financial stakeholders.

Swift action to protect jobs and deliver value

The challenge
Unable to achieve a clean audit opinion, which would allow the group to finalise its investment prospectus and raise new finance, administration of the business was inevitable.
The solution
Over one weekend, our team executed three pre-pack sales, protecting 1,700 jobs, averting £2.5 million of employee preferential claims and maximising realisations from debtors.
The results
The strategy resulted in the group’s secured creditors being repaid in full and possible further distributions to creditors.