We help you manage your business sale – telling its story through deep insight and analysis, identifying any potential value-impacting issues and giving greater control over the outcome.

Selling your business can be a hugely disruptive and uncertain process. Unexpected value erosion is a constant risk during the period between agreeing and completing the deal.

Commissioning vendor due diligence lets you manage access to your business and keeps you ahead of any issues.

  • Controlling access
  • Managing issues
  • Maintaining competitive tension
  • Controlling access
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    Run your business with minimum disruption, avoiding multiple sets of buyer advisers.
  • Managing issues
    Managing issues
    Identify potentially value-impacting issues up front, so you can either mitigate them or control the narrative for potential investors.
  • Maintaining competitive tension
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    By commissioning the work up-front, you keep multiple parties in the sales process for longer, maximising value through competitive tension.

Why Grant Thornton

A due diligence investigation can be disruptive and intense, for you and your business.

You need an adviser that works around your needs - accelerating or decelerating work as required.

We articulate the key drivers of your business clearly. We don’t shy away from raising issues but work with you to resolve them or ensure these are presented in a balanced way.

It's an integrated service, drawing on subject matter experts and our international network as required.

You'll benefit from our open and collaborative approach – working with you and your advisers to produce a vendor due diligence report that's independent, robust, and valued by prospective investors.

Sale of an international consulting group

The challenge
An international group was looking for an investment partner to help them grasp the opportunities of a growing market.
The solution
Our vendor due diligence services (including international tax) offered potential investors a deep knowledge of the business and enabled them to optimise their bids accordingly.
The result
The eventual investment partner not only relied on our report but, such was their confidence in the rigour of work, commissioned us to carry out additional top-up work.