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I have been with the firm since July 2002 and now specialise in real estate and construction, although I do have some non-sector clients as the mix provides increasingly valuable experience to offer my clients. I have significant experience in both UK GAAP and IFRS. I am a audit partner and as such am responsible for signing off on client’s financial statements.

I enjoy what I do because no day is the same. I love meeting clients and building my understanding of their businesses to ensure we are tailoring our audits according to clients own specific risks. I am also passionate about coaching and have coached a number of our personnel over the last three years, predominantly focussing on transitional coaching. There is a lot of cross over in the questioning skills acquired that help drive an informative and two-way conversation with clients.

My clients are predominantly real estate, from investment funds to developers as well as construction, facilities management and motor retail (building on my own automotive interests!). My clients range from private standalone UK companies to international groups and Full listed groups. I used to be involved in a lot of mining companies and was always ready to go down a mine or two. 

When I am not at work, I have my hands full with two fabulous girls, a lovely dog and very patient husband who makes it all happen for me.

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Elizabeth Collins
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