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UK SOX: a hub for preparing compliance requirements

​A UK version of the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) inspired Internal Controls over Financial Reporting (ICFR) regime is being considered within the next 12 months, but it's still not obvious what this means for organisations. Our hub explains what you need to know about UK SOX compliance. 

The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has released its consultation on audit reform, bringing the introduction of UK SOX closer. All organisations should already have a framework of internal controls in place, but we know from experience, however, that these can vary widely. The quality of disclosures on the effectiveness of internal controls in the FTSE 350 also remains low. Depending on your current situation, it's understandable that complying with UK SOX may feel like a daunting prospect.

Business risk services are already helping clients and contacts to prepare for these reforms. Explore our proposals and recommendations on how to approach these different requirements and make the most of the opportunities to enhance confidence, performance and efficiency that UK SOX could bring. 

Where should I start?

How can you get ahead of the curve?

You need to prepare for UK SOX: our guide explains what you need to know about the BEIS consultation

Find out what you need to know

Five ways culture will be the key to compliance

With a UK version of the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) act looming, what do business leaders need to consider when it comes to the culture of their organisation?

Find out why it matters and how to go about looking at it

Robust control and assurance

Third party risk assurance and SOC reports

UK SOX is likely to increase demand for third party risk assurance.

Uncover the options and key considerations

Embedding robust internal controls

UK SOX requires reporting on your internal control framework.

How can you assure that it's well designed and operated?

Technology controls

Information technology controls are vital for efficient UK SOX compliance.

We look at the challenges and opportunities

Leveraging technology and innovation

SOX internal control testing: automating for efficiency

Automation is key to driving efficiency in SOX internal control testing.

Which solution is right for your organisation?

SOX internal control testing: approach to automation

SOX compliance can be time and resource intensive.

Start, scale, and mature your SOX automation capabilities

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What does this mean for your organisation?

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The BEIS consultation will see an increase in the accountability of directors across several areas, as part of a move by the government to increase public trust in audit and corporate governance.

Find out what this means for you

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