The rail industry is waiting to hear if legislation will be passed to create Great British Railway (GBR) with full powers. Marianne Kilpatrick sat down with two representatives of the Great British Railways Transition Team to discuss the fundamental changes that rail reform will bring.

Railways and their performance (or lack of) are often in the press these days. Rail reform has been promised since Keith Williams launched his Rail Review in 2018. The Great British Railways Transition Team (GBRTT) was appointed to design and deliver the foundations of a new industry structure which would meet customer needs while also optimising its contribution to economic growth and levelling up, as well as financial and environmental sustainability. The reforms will also have a huge impact on commercial decision making and relationships across the industry.

We talked about how important the introduction of a guiding mind will be to enable separation from policy-creation and how, by bringing costs and revenue together, there will be a greater ability to make decisions in the interest of customers and the tax payer.

Putting commerciality back into the heart of decision making will require different relationships with the private sector, so we also analysed the vision for closer partnerships and collaboration across the sector – particularly how operator contracts might change in the future.

Finally, we looked at how station operation is an opportunity to bring the operator and infrastructure together, as well as making a real difference to customers.

Watch the recording to find out more about the potential opportunities from rail reform:

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