An investment bank wanted to use a fast-growing renewable energy company as an engine for further acquisitions.

The energy company needed to meet the new owner's financial reporting specifications for its first UK statutory audit.

The challenge

The energy company's ambition to quickly become the UK market leader created pressure to execute the audit and upgrade their financial reporting.

The solution

We worked with management to understand their priorities for each element of the project. Quickly identifying the major knowledge and resource gaps for producing audited accounts enabled us to deliver interventions that helped the energy company achieve its goal. 

To ensure we always worked at the energy company's pace, we modelled our support on frequently delivering incremental improvements – giving the company and its owners early confidence in our ability to deliver on the quality required for the upgraded specification. 

Strong communication and project management were crucial for navigating the cultural difference between a small owner-managed renewables company and an investment bank and ensuring that everyone could see and solve problems quickly.

Throughout the process we supported the energy company to maintain open and honest communication with their auditors. 

The result

The company's five-person finance team were trained in new concepts and standards they weren't previously familiar with and were equipped with a robust and repeatable balance sheet-reporting process. 

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