Investment in business services

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Business services has generated significant interest among private equity investors over the past decade.

Humza Khan is joined by Victoria Giles, one of our M&A Directors focused on business services transactions and guests from Soho Square Capital, Queen's Park Equity, and August Equity to discuss the rising trend in investment and contemplates what the future may hold for this highly resilient sector.

Key takeaways:

  • Our speakers’ record of investing in the business services sector and their respective sub-sector focus (4:00)
  • The important value drivers in the business services sector through the lens of an investor (4:55)
  • Business services investment opportunity from an adviser's perspective (7:23)
  • How technology is impacting investments in the sector and examples of technology-enabled growth (9:38)
  • Value creation strategies and key areas of focus (17:17)
  • Future trends in the business services sector (22:46)

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