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We conduct investigations for corporates, regulators and prosecution agencies. The investigations range from alleged employee fraud through to professional negligence to multi-jurisdictional investigations which can often support complex litigation or insolvency proceedings.

We understand that this may be new territory for you, and there may be significant time pressures involved. Our experts are able to mobilise quickly and can draw on colleagues from around the world as needed.

A multi-faceted approach

Our sector coverage is vast. We have specialist teams in financial services and the public sector. In addition to establishing the facts, we can also advise on remedies which could involve recommending improvements to policies, procedures and the control environment.

We carry out corruption, money laundering, fraud risk and FCPA reviews. We have specialists in accounting integrity and conduct matters, including potential accounting irregularities and professional discipline inquiries. Where required we can bring in support from our computer forensics and asset recovery teams.

Training and remediation

Using our extensive experience gained investigating unlawful conduct, we assist organisations frame and implement their strategy to embed the highest standards of governance and ethical behaviour, addressing challenges such as fraud and bribery. 

Our team is skilled at conducting non-financial due diligence on third parties such as agents and intermediaries. We also perform reviews for clients where a forensic skillset is critical, but where there is no suspicion of unethical behaviour. 

We regularly run training sessions aimed at providing insight into the issues and complexities that can arise in investigations.

Partner, Head of Investigations

Steve Holt

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