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Benchmarking and best practice

Changes in corporate governance guidance and legislation, for listed and private companies, are a great opportunity for you to review your existing governance practices.

What are the best practice insights you’d like to glean from your competitors’ boardrooms? Do you know how your current practices compare to new or upcoming governance codes?

Ensure your governance structures are fit to meet future challenges

We have extensive experience in assessing annual reports. Our unique best practice database holds more data than any other UK governance researcher. 

We’ll use this insight to benchmark your decision-making structures, communications and reporting against your peers and any relevant codes, and help you ensure they are fit for purpose.

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your existing governance arrangements is vital to help you enhance your corporate governance approach.

Our solutions include:

  • Gap analysis against new guidance
  • Benchmark reporting to market good practices or compliance with governance codes
  • Identification of areas for improvement in market communications and/or issues with internal framework and approach
  • Detailed insights on governance practices for stakeholders such as lenders and investors
  • Regular training and updates

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