Article TNFD for financial services: Using the LEAP
The TNFD gives financial services firms a framework to account for nature-related risk and opportunity in investments.
TNFD acts on nature-related risk and disclosure
The Taskforce on nature-related financial disclosures has released the beta version of its disclosure framework.
ESG trends for financial services in 2022
ESG is a key focus for the sector and this articles condenses several key concepts that are likely to be discussed in 2022.
ESG: Embedding it into the banking prudential framework
The European Commission recently published a study on integrating ESG risks into the banking prudential framework.
ESG disclosure: the role of SFDR, EU taxonomy and NFRD
How will the SFDR regulation and the EU non financial reporting directive impact ESG disclosure in financial services?
ESG risk management: building effective frameworks
Defining ESG risk factors enables effective ESG risk assessment and management. We explain why it should be a priority.
Heat is on pension schemes in climate risk disclosures
Occupational pension schemes must publish climate risk disclosures from October 2021. What are the key expectations?
ESG: a defining factor in investor confidence
The SFDR compels companies in the EU to align with ESG. Why are the social factors of ESG so important to investors?
Climate risk disclosures by premium listed issuers
Climate risk disclosures are targeted by the FCA in a policy statement. What can listed users expect in the new rules?

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